The Amber Maze, Christopher Bowden’s sixth novel  

The novels of Christopher Bowden. The Amber Maze, The Purple Shadow, The Green Door, The Red House, The Yellow Room, The Blue Book

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Welcome to the home of the books of Christopher Bowden, author of elegant literary mysteries.  Christopher lives in south London and The Amber Maze is his latest book. His previous ones are The Purple Shadow, The Green Door, The Red House, The Yellow Room and The Blue Book.
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May Finch had lived in the Suffolk town of Nettlesham for fifty years, had never married and had brought up her daughter by herself. Why did she take pains to keep a guide to distant Brockley House? Why did she underline key parts of the guide? And what is the significance of two things slipped inside it?
Stumbling across the guide after May’s funeral, her granddaughter Jessica becomes intrigued by the place and the people and the unanswered questions. Bored by her job and empty private life, she decides to find out more, becoming ever more deeply drawn into the hidden past of an English country house and the family that lived there. A past that would change her future. Nothing would be the same again.
Centred on Brockley House, a Georgian mansion nestling in a Hampshire valley, the contemporary story is illuminated by flashbacks to the 1950s. This is a literary mystery delving into a recent past, taking the reader from a country house to Kenya at the time of the Mau Mau uprising; it makes a rich period piece.
“…a rare glimpse into our recent history, far too rarely plundered by modern novelists, and deftly done.” Andrew Marr
“A novel as intriguing as the house at its heart. I loved it.” Julian Fellowes
“…quintessentially English…an intriguing book, full of family mysteries and deception.” Oxford Times

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