The Amber Maze, Christopher Bowden’s sixth novel  

The novels of Christopher Bowden. The Amber Maze, The Purple Shadow, The Green Door, The Red House, The Yellow Room, The Blue Book

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Welcome to the home of the books of Christopher Bowden, author of elegant literary mysteries.  Christopher lives in south London and The Amber Maze is his latest book. His previous ones are The Purple Shadow, The Green Door, The Red House, The Yellow Room and The Blue Book.
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1876 – 1887

She fell asleep too soon

Clare Mallory has a Victorian mourning locket with the photograph of a girl and a curl of her hair. When Clare loses the locket in a fortune-teller’s tent her quest to find it draws her into a dark episode of the family’s past and the true circumstances of the girl’s untimely death at Danby Hall, her Norfolk home.

The locket has been taken by the fortune-teller herself, sensing a troubled history and danger ahead.  But her attempts to understand the warning signs release forces long held at bay. Events of the past seep into the present until the reappearance of a man who vanished from Danby Hall in 1887 threatens not only her life but Clare’s too.



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The Green Door is a is a ghost story and a literary mystery, and is Christopher Bowden’s fourth novel. Christopher Bowden lives in London.

The Green Door.

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Of The Green Door

‘Draws the reader in immediately and has all the elements of an intriguing mystery. In short, a page-turner. The heroine, Clare, is engaging and Madame Pavonia a suitably exotic yet credibly mundane fortune teller, and throughout there is a nice balance of the chillingly supernatural with a sharply observed contemporary England peopled by vividly painted characters…some lovely idiosyncratic touches and descriptions.’ Shena Mackay, shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

‘Subtly written but still a page-turner, it is a spine-chillingly enjoyable read.’ The Lady

‘…strange but appealing…’ Herald Scotland

‘…an interesting and unusual story. I enjoyed the blend of mystery and supernatural. It's quite the page-turner but it doesn't neglect character and detail. Absorbing and evocative, The Green Door is a truly enjoyable read.’ The Bookbag