The Amber Maze, Christopher Bowden’s sixth novel  

The novels of Christopher Bowden. The Amber Maze, The Purple Shadow, The Green Door, The Red House, The Yellow Room, The Blue Book

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Welcome to the home of the books of Christopher Bowden, author of elegant literary mysteries.  Christopher lives in south London and The Amber Maze is his latest book. His previous ones are The Purple Shadow, The Green Door, The Red House, The Yellow Room and The Blue Book.
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Fear death by water. D.
Have you ever picked up a second-hand book and wondered who owned it before? Or come across something slipped inside? You never know what you’ll find or where it will lead.
The book Hugh Mullion found one wet autumn day, and the mysterious note hidden between its pages, set him on a trail that took him way into the past, uncovering secrets and lies buried for over half a century. A chance discovery that changed everything he took for granted.
It could happen to you…
The discovery of a cryptic note hidden inside a second-hand book sends thirty-something Hugh Mullion on an obsessive search for its previous owner. Hugh uncovers secrets that have lain hidden for sixty years and turn upside down his views of personal identity and the certainty of the past. Along the way, Hugh learns more about himself and what he really wants from his relationship with his partner, Kate – and about the puzzling disappearances of Anthony Buffo, in whose shop Hugh found the book that changed everything.
Centred on the evocative and memorable setting of Toad Books, a south London bookshop enlivened by the parrot Charlie and a succession of eccentric customers, the unfolding drama takes Hugh deep into contemporary Dorset and back to the events of the Blitz and wartime Oxford. This is a beautifully written and engaging story, by turns poignant and gently humorous, with a lively sense of continuing revelation and a surprising conclusion.

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